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Excerpts from Ariadne's Book of Dreams, Warner Books, 2001


More than twenty years ago, I had an important dream. In the dream I was giving birth to an androgynous god with both male and female genitalia. I believed it to reveal the true nature of the soul--that it is androgynous. The male (yang) side expresses the forces of reason, logic, and action. The female (yin) offers the qualities of intuition, receptivity, creativity, and emotionality. If encountered dancing together in a dream, these archetypes express the union of opposites merged in a sacred expression. A wedding in a dream may suggest the celebration of this sacred union.

Dreams often express this struggle to balance the male and female aspects in order to actualize them creatively.

For both men and women, the unconscious female is wounded by the patriarchal male, who imposes structure and obedience to negate feminine power. A modern myth, "The Little Mermaid," first written as a children's fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, has been transformed in recent years by the myth-makers at Disney Studios. This animated movie points to the reemergence of the feminine voice at a time when our culture needs to regain the balance and sensitivity of the feminine principle. Growing legs out of fins, which were only useful when hidden in the sea of the subconscious, Ariel, in her archetypal female adolescence, must reclaim her voice from the demonized sea witch named Ursula. The struggle to reclaim the voice of intuition and wisdom is difficult to resolve. Through the defeat of the sea witch, Ariel is embraced by her masculine aspect. This myth illustrates the individuation process as Ariel leaves her father's side and her familiar ocean world, as well as speaking to the sacred union of the male and female.

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