“Me and my family were all sitting at our dinner table. It was dark out and all of a sudden the sky got light for a moment. Everybody knew it was the end of the world. Everyone was crying and hugging each other. Then I woke up.” -Anonymous dreamer.

Are dreams like the one above a prophecy for our future? Supporting biblical revelations of God’s salvation returning us all home to his Kingdom, perhaps in a flash of light? Or are they a product of the dreamer’s fears and concerns for the future during a time when we are all witnessing the War in Iraq and terrorism on the streets of our world? Undoubtedly, the debate might last until the final hour.

From 1997 to 2003, dreamers from around the world have submitted dreams to a global dreaming project called Dream Gatherers.  The dream narratives posted on the site reveal dreamer’s concerns about the political, social, and spiritual climate confronting our world at this time. Some offer hope for the future while others forecast more turbulent times ahead.

Dreamers who submitted dreams to the site in the past have accurately predicted such world events as, the 1991 Gulf War, 9/11, the Columbia shuttle tragedy, the announcement of the War on Iraq and the more recent “Shock and Awe” bombings on Baghdad. The dream accounts, most of which were posted before the events they predicted were ever reported on the News, offer clear evidence that some dreams do predict the future.

Dreams of TWA planes dropping white power, bombs exploding, tornadoes of fire witnessed from a distance, and dreams of soldiers and civilians being executed for no reason are gruesome nightmares that would horrify anyone. Many of the dreamers who have reported the details of such dreams express their concerns that the disturbing and often destructive imagery may be warning us of future terrorist attacks, as well as relaying graphic messages about the price of War for us to consider.

The Twilight Zone of Dreams

The possibility that some dreams can predict the future is a fascinating and otherworldly topic to those intrigued by the paranormal twilight zone of dreams. They offer us a glimpse of the potentials of the dreaming mind to tap into the reservoir of the collective unconscious and to pull out meaningful clues that the conscious mind may not be privy to during the waking state. These potentials and hidden abilities reveal themselves in the dreams of average individuals who in no way consider themselves as particularly psychic in their waking life. Yet, at night they expand beyond the limitations of their conscious minds into dream dimensions where they witness graphic scenarios of the future.

Although, not all dreams of disaster fall into the category of a warning or precognitive dream, many dreams do present elements, which are common to them. Predictive dreams are defined as paranormal dream phenomena, which represent the details of events happening as far away as the other side of the world and sometime in the near or distant future. Whether warning of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods or hurricanes or of the destruction caused by War, these dreams seem to involve a greater consciousness that acts as a psychic witness. In the dream, the dreamer is often portrayed as a passive witness sitting on a porch or looking out a window into the horizon. Or they may be flying above a military operation witnessing combat. Or sitting in front of a computer screen, a TV or a theatre watching a movie dramatizing the details of the event.

The disturbing nature of these dreams may leave a dreamer fearful and reluctant to share them with others. They often fear disapproval for their psychic powers and inhibited from issuing a warning without rational evidence. Some even blaming themselves for not being able to circumvent the outcome that the dream foretold. Most dreamers are likely to wait until the event in the dream has been collaborated by some world news report before sharing its narrative with others.

Precognitive dreams, which have later been verified as giving accurate accounts of real events predicted weeks or even months in advance, are more common than one might expect. When they are verified, they are mind-blowing examples, which shake our perception of a linear time space reality. One example was from a woman dreamer in Turkey who witnessed a fireball traveling through the sky in her dream. The next afternoon she was shocked to hear the news of the Columbia shuttle tragedy. A dream that I had three months before 9/11 predicted the fall of the Twin Towers and the deaths of thousands of innocent American citizens. In the dream, I was standing in the doorway of a tall historic building in a big city. The building was leaning and about to fall. I looked into the horizon and saw thousands of frogs lit up glowing in the dark. Frogs as a symbol of transformation were offered as a metaphor for the mass transition and cleansing of the thousands of souls who died that day and whose Inner Light returned to the Source. At the time of the dream, I misinterpreted the dream’s message as merely predicting an event that would create changes in the economy. I saw the fall of the buildings as representing the fall of a financial empire rather than a literal collapse of the World Trade Center that would cost thousands their lives.

Dreamers Lend a Helping Hand

While some dreamers are forecasting the future, others see themselves offering a helping hand to solve world problems. Some dreamers extend themselves by traveling in their astral bodies to spread their grace and psychic power towards some of the key figures making decisions for the masses. Dreamers’ attempts to collaborate with world leaders in order to intervene and influence the consciousness of those leaders in some way, are examples of telepathic interventions. These impressive examples of dream telepathy demonstrate that we may not need a pass or invitation into the oval office to communicate with the President and get involved politically. For example, one dreamer recalled seeing herself confronting George Bush telling him to stop his insanity. Another entered the Oval office of the President who was with his cabinet at the time. She attempted to communicate a heartfelt spiritual message in hopes of persuading government leaders to change their minds. However, their backs remained turned away. Still another dreamer reported that she was a member of a group of 40 or so people in robes surrounding both George Bush and Saddam Hussein. They were sending a telepathic thought beam, which directed both men to sit together and work out their differences. They vowed in the dream that the circle would not break until an effort at communication was accomplished.

While some might argue that these dreams offer no more than wishful thinking, evidence does support that the soul to soul communications of telepathic dreams are very real experiences. Though one cannot be sure that these attempts at psychic persuasion will have a profound enough effect to stop the War, there is a force of light and hope in the hearts of these dream emissaries that a non-violent solution may be found.

Dreams From the Spiritual Dimensions

Prayers for peace and resolution to the War may elicit dreams from the spiritual dimensions. Messengers from the spiritual dimensions arrive in dreams offering information, hope and direct guidance that can be life saving. One dreamer submitted a dream in which a Native American guide told her to stay out of that big building in Manhattan, four short hours before the planes collided into Twin Towers on September 11th. Dreams like this one instill faith that guardian angels do exist.

Uplifting images such as rainbows in the horizon, star alignments in the sky, comets and fiery meteor showers are cosmological signs of spiritual illumination, ascension, and spiritual intervention. As meaningful symbols and signs in global dreams, they seem to remedy or resolve the duality in the world offering visions and hints of peaceful resolve and creative miracles of God’s grace on the way.

Revelations of God’s intervention to end the legacy of hatred and War on our planet have been a part of the record of Biblical prophecy and within the legends and mythologies of almost every indigenous culture in the world. Dreams supporting prophecy of the last days and of the final chapter in earth’s evolution remind us that since antiquity prophets have offered their dreams to humanity so that God’s promise might be known. End of the World dreams offer us images of destruction and liberation at the same time. Many dreamers have had dreams in which they are either told this is the end of the world by God or an angel messenger or had a definite intuition within the dream that they were witnessing the end of the world. They relay similar scenarios, such as a flash of light preceded by a moment of darkness or the sun or the moon being pulled from the sky followed by cataclysm.

Present day prophets come clothed in modern dress and live among us. Like early prophets these dreamers appear to have been spiritually called into the role of a dream visionary and prompted to share their prophetic dreams at this time. One clairvoyant dreamer whom with I corresponded had volumes of precognitive, telepathic and prophetic dreams to her credit. She reported a dream in which she found a dream contract in her pocket and was told by a guide that she was to abandon other studies to explore her dreams. The guide elaborated that she would be gifted with many more dreams, often prophetic, when the time was right. She has been compelled to share her global dreams with others at this time to fulfill her divine purpose.

What does it all mean?

Global dreams, whether catastrophic in nature or inspirational and helpful, are reported in greater numbers during times of social, political and spiritual crisis. This upsurge may indicate a shift in consciousness away from personal concerns towards more global and humanitarian concerns. Some dreams may truly be warning us so that we may be inspired politically, socially and spiritually to direct our actions towards peace. Some may even save lives. Other dreams may merely reconcile our fears to sooth our nerves during these troubled times.

Global Dreams unmask the darkness illuminating what we may be facing as this final chapter of earth’s evolution unfolds. For every dream of destruction there is a dream of salvation and rebirth into the creative miracle of God’s love offered to balance the scales. I hope and pray that we consciously move towards embracing the Creator’s love over hatred, so that we may co-create with God a new dream of peace for our world.

copyright--Ariadne Green 2003.  All rights reserved.

Dreams that predict the future are dream prophesies.

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