Dream Wisdom Precepts

The following dream precepts will help you understand the dreaming process.  Dream wisdom tells us that in honoring our dreams we are given valuable psychological tools for personal and spiritual growth.

Precept 1

Every single dream is of service to the dreamer. No dream is meaningless or the result of a too-heavy meal eaten the night before.  Every fragment, image, symbol, and sign in a dream has meaning. Therefore, every element deserves further exploration so that the dream’s intended message can be understood by the dreamer.  It is not enough to witness the emotional quality of the dream, nor is it accurate to generalize dream information as merely a recapitulation of daily events.  It is important to look at every symbol and element as if one were savoring the separate flavors of a meal.

Precept 2

Every dream has an intended message and meaning for the dreamer.  A dream does not have multiple meanings.  There are a number of associations, both objective and subjective, that can be made about each dream’s symbols that may eventually lead the dreamer to an accurate conclusion about a dream’s meaning.  The dream’s meaning is not coded information in an unintelligible language meant to trick the mind  or ego.   Dreams make sense.

Precept 3

Dream language is metaphorical, beautiful, mysterious and meaningful.  In most cases, each symbol in a dream acts as a metaphor for a larger idea or is an understated truth about what one feels or believes. 

Precept 4

All characters of a dream are equally important.  Characters may play more than one role.  Not all characters in dreams represent parts of our personality contrary to popular belief.   Some characters mirror other perspectives to our beliefs and attitudes, complement us or appear as who they are in real life.

Precept 5

Dreams are good.  Therefore, there is nothing to fear in a dream.   Even our worst nightmares may come as a warning of conflict that demands resolution within the psyche.  Nightmares may be a signal that we are ready to start working to clear away the conflict.  Villains and terrorists who threaten us in a dream may point to our own fears about showing our personal power and authority in the world.  By confronting the demons in our dreams, we vanquish the fears that paralyze us.

Precept 6

Dreams are gifts to be opened and cherished. Dreams are treasures from the depths of the soul, jewels of meaning unearthed from the subconscious.  Each is full of symbolic information that needs to be investigated and appreciated.  These gifts are too precious to disregard or to cast away as trivial or not worthy of attention.  As stated in the Talmud of Judaism, a dream not understood is like a letter unopened.  Would we discard a letter from a friend before reading it? 

Precept 7

Dream wisdom tells us that we need not seek to control our dreams and we need not be controlled by them.    Dreams come from a wise and intelligent source.  The soul is united with a higher creative intelligence ready to work out any conflict that disturbs the natural balance of the internal world.  Lucid dreamers who attempt to master their dreaming life by redirecting the dream’s course toward their desired outcome may be defeating their dream’s purpose.  This precept argues against forcing any action in a dream based on an ego-desired outcome. The outcome we want may not serve the balance of the dreaming life. 

Precept 8

Dreams offer the keys to wisdom about the self and others.   Wisdom is the product of intuitive understanding. Therefore, the messages in dreams are best decoded with the intuitive mind rather than picked apart by an analytical process.   Any dream dictionary is limited to the writer’s general understanding of the language of the soul. Unfortunately, many dream dictionaries on the market offer outdated interpretations based on superstition and conjecture, such as a cat in a dream being a band omen.    Dreams are best decoded with the help of someone close to you—an intuitive friend with insight and who is compassionate is far better than any dream dictionary.   Some dreams require an expert to decipher them. 

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