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Excerpts From Ariadne's Book of Dreams, Warner Books, 2001

Archetypal Dreams

The kings, queens, tricksters, fools, gods, goddesses, and mythical and natural creatures, as well as demons, may bear gifts for dreamers in the form of a spiritual message. These characters are often forces of dark and light waging war with each other. The queen, for instance, may come to signify the honor bestowed on the mature feminine persona, and at the same time may present the lessons of the evil, jealous queen who wants to destroy the emerging individual who is rival to her throne. She also demonstrates the maternal aspect of the personality, which may rule the subconscious and may not want to give way to a more liberated feminine aspect.

In archetypes dreams, which are also referred to as "big" or "grand" dreams, the gods and goddesses play out their dramas within the psyche. They ignite passion, celebrate beauty, bring reason, demonstrate the courage of a hero, or offer a theme for further exploration into the soul. These archetypes are a blueprint for spiritual knowledge that is the basis of the values we recognize as intrinsic and necessary to our wholeness. They express clearly what it is to be a truly multifaceted human being. For instance, a dream of Mercury wearing his winged helmet and racing through a field may speak to a dreamer's desire to run forth with quicksilver speed and deliver an important message to someone--or to the world.

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The gods and goddesses in our dreams may emerge clothed in modern dress as celebrities. In the drama of our dreams, they express the same qualities and values as the gods and goddesses. Our fascination with celebrity seems to represent a fascination with qualities we cannot achieve within ourselves.

The appearance of Madonna in a dream, for example, may come as none other than the Greek goddess Aphrodite, who won the prize of Paris as the most beautiful goddess in competition with Athena and Hera on Mount Olympus. Madonna is sexy and expressive, bringing power and recognition to feminine sexuality. She emerges as a seductress, summoning a woman to embrace her own unique beauty, and as the temptress of a man's unexpressed desires. In this way, she may fulfill an unconscious desire to express sexuality more freely.

I once had a dream that I was at the breakfast table with Mel Gibson and was straddling his lap asking for a commitment. I associated Mel with the qualities that his character portrayed in the film Braveheart. In this role he was a courageous hero who was willing to fight for a mission that was heart-inspired. At the time of the dream, I was hunting for my own masculine qualities, which could bring me the focus and bravery necessary to fulfill a longtime vision.

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