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For over 30 years, Ariadne has contributed her spiritual wisdom through her books, workshops and trainings on dreams and shamanism.  She is the author of Ariadne's Book of Dreams and Divine Complement, 2006.

Teaching internationally, her courses are aimed at awakening students to the inner mysteries, through mystical and shamanic practices that forge divergent paths:   Shamanism, dream philosophy, psychology, and the authentic path of Christ. She has taught Greek mythology and hosted her own popular radio show on dreams in Northern New Mexico, was launched in 1997 and has been visited by thousands of dreamers who cherish their dreams and who seek expert dream analysis and information.  

Her latest project, Animal, for children 7-12, applies an indigenous tribal philosophy about animal wisdom to promote children's self-esteem.

Ariadne holds a graduate degree in Educational Psychology from Cal State Hayward and attended Saybrook Institute in San Francisco from 1995-1996 where she pursued course work in Philosophy of Psychology focusing on consciousness studies.    As a shaman/healer, trained psychotherapist, and spiritual advisor she has awakened hundreds to the mysteries that lie within the labyrinth of their souls so that they might discover their authentic power and higher purpose.

Ariadne presently writes freelance articles on the topics of spirituality, soulmates and dreams for, the psychic network.  She continues to  facilitate shamanic dream circles in Northern California.


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In addition to dream interpretations, Ariadne offers compassionate clairvoyant and channeled readings.  Email Ariadne for the details.


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